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School Named After Former AAPA President George Kiriyama

AAPA congratulates the Los Angeles Unified School District in the renaming of the Gardena/Carson Community Adult School after George Kiriyama.  Mr Kiriyama served the district as an educator, administrator, and Board Member.  In addition, Mr. Kiriyama was a founding member and Past Board President of AAPA.  He was instrumental in beginning the Asian American Educator's Association scholarship (now AAPA) and would be proud to see how his organizations have contributed over a 1/2 million dollars to deserving LAUSD seniors. On February 4, 2011, his wife Iku, family members, AAPA members,  Superintendent Ramon Cortines, Board Vice President Richard Vladovic and Local District 5 Superintendent Michael Romero honored the great work of Mr. Kiriyama during the renaming ceremony.