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2013-2015 Scholarship Dinner


  CWCL Book Cover and Authors Photo.jpg

     We recently received an email from former AAPA 2009 Scholarship Recipient, Ernestine Fu who wishes the organization well.  She added that since receiving the scholarship, she has continued her public service work and recently coauthored her first book!  The book will be available July 16. 

     Fu's book is titled "Civic Work, Civic Lessons: Two Generations Reflect on Public Service” and was written with Thomas Ehrlich. Ehrlich is a Stanford University professor that has worked in the administrations of four presidents starting with President Kennedy.  His work included responsibility for foreign-aid policy and reporting directly to President Carter. Ernestine Fu founded a nonprofit organization to bring music to those in need and is an active supporter of social entrepreneurs. She has also served on a national corporate advisory board to fund youth civic activities.  Recently, she was chosen for the Kauffman Fellowship on entrepreneurship and has been accepted into Stanford's Master's and Ph. D program for Engineering.

     "Civic Work, Civic Lessons" explains how and why people of all ages, and particularly young people, should engage in public service as a vocation or avocation. Its authors are 57 years apart, but united in their passion for public service, which they term “civic work.” The book provides unique intergenerational perspectives. Drawing on the experiences of the co-authors, the book tells why and how young people and their advisors should engage in public service. The website for the book is or check out for more information.

     Again, AAPA wishes to congratulate Ernestine for her book and her continued support for our organization.  We look forward to hearing more about her upcoming successes.